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Traffic Syndicate 25 (ts25) "No Spam" Policy

Traffic Syndicate 25 and Logiscape Technologies Inc. are strongly opposed to the use of SPAM in the promoting of the Company and/or any of the services/products that the Company offers or will offer in the future. The Company defines SPAM as the sending of promotional messages (usually an email message) to anyone who has not specifically asked to receive it or has not given prior approval to receive such messages from you. The Company extends the definition of SPAM to also include the unauthorized or irrelevant posting of promotional messages to newsgroups, chat rooms, or any other area for exchanging communication unless such area was specifically set up for this purpose. Traffic Syndicate 25 will immediately remove the account of any member found to be using SPAM as it is defined here, and will proceed to launch an investigation into the matter. In cases of gross violation, the Company will prosecute the individual responsible in accordance with local laws. The Company will also seek financial retribution for all damages caused by the actions of this individual, which will include all legal costs incurred in the prosecution of such individual.

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